WORX TRIVAC WG509 3 in One Blower Review

WORX TRIVAC WG509 3 in One BlowerWORX TRIVAC WG509 3 in One Blower

The new WORX TRIVAC WG509 3 in One Blower has acquired a six-speed, electronic variable speed, throttle control that readjusts the machine’s air circulation from 75 to 210 mph. The largest advantage of digital rate control is making use of different rates when blowing the top of compost or in edges. Home owners remain in full command when using this helpful lawn device. At 210 miles per hour, its group 5, hurricane like blower moves large volumes of leaves quickly in any way, but it is additionally with the ability of minimizing air circulation to dislodge debris from delicate locations.

Tool Free Conversion

The WORX TRIVAC is among the only blower/mulcher/vacs on the market that needs no devices or kits to convert from blower to mulcher/vac. A single bar makes the conversion fast as well as easy with no downtime. As soon as the lever is involved, TRIVAC’s 2-stage mulching system takes control of. Phase one showcases a high-velocity shredder blade that shreds debris prior to going into phase 2, which pulverizes it with a steel impeller


The WORX WG509 TriVac is covered by a full two-year service warranty.
Much better deliberately

The WG509 has a 2-stage system that provides an 18-to-1 proportion of great compost. For TRIVAC owners, gone are the back-breaking days of manually raking fallen leaves manually as well as packing them into paper leaf decline bags. TRIVAC rates the procedure by decreasing fallen leave piles into great compost, which could be delivered to the aesthetic or compost bin, or spread as mulch below bushes and trees.

Unlike standard blower/vacs, the WORX vac comes with an one-of-a-kind tilted tube with a bent pointer. This tube design is fantastic for vacuuming leaves in hard-to-reach locations, such as below decks, and also patio furniture, fence lines, behind main A/C systems as well as other minimal clearance locations.

Environment-friendly Maker

The green machine is an alternative to gas-powered vacs. There’s no starting issues, oil tank to fill up, need for fresh gas or costly tune-ups. WORX TRIVAC is light weight (8.6 lbs.) healthy, wisely designed and very easy to run. At much less than 71 decibels, the TRIVAC is a quiet performer as well.

The TRIVAC is powered by a 12-amp electric motor with an optimum air volume of 350 cfm. The vac is geared up with a 1.2 bushel ability collection bag.
Three Devices in One

Vacuum cleaner

The Trivac will certainly vacuum up your outside particles, making fast clean-up of your leaves and yard.


With no devices or added items you can turn your TriVac to a Blower with a flip of a switch. Accumulate your leaves or erase your outdoor patio, walkway or driveway promptly.


The TriVac turns that as soon as big pile of leaves right into a manageable collection of compost that could be made use of in landscaping, thrown out or made use of for composting.

The WORX TRIVAC WG509 3 in One Blower with its powerful two-stage metal impeller plus shredder blade provides 18:1 compost ratio. This is the simple, 3-in-1 system for blowing, vacuuming as well as mulching leaves. No quiting to transform tubes as well as no downtime to switch over from a blower to a vac. This device does it all with a flip of a button as well as no devices. The balanced single hand operation makes it less complicated to maneuver as well as control without much exhaustion. In vac setting, the ingenious vacuum cleaner tube style provides 350 cfm of quantity even when getting to under decks and also outdoor patio furniture. In blower setting, the air speed could be electronically adjusted from 75 to 210 mph for even more power on demand, or to make best use of performance for blowing as well as brushing up in corners or harder to get to areas. The WG509 TRIVAC has a metal impeller plus shredder blade which offers an 18 to 1 mulch ratio. A fast tube launch cleans a breeze. The consisted of collection bag holds up to 1-bushel of mulched fallen leaves. With the TRIVAC’s powerful 12-amp motor, this device makes an effective alternative to gasoline powered tools. There is no downtime with the TRIVAC blow the leaves into a stack; vac and also mulch them; as well as dispose the bag for garden compost or collection.

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  • All-in-one design: blower, mulcher, and yard vacuum with flip of a switch conversion
  • Powerful 12-amp motor makes a clean, smell-free, and efficient alternative to gasoline-powered equipment
  • Single-handed operation for blower and vacuum modes; angled nose, compact and light weight for comfortable handling
  • Metal impeller provides a 18:1 mulch ratio
  • Bag capacity: 1.2 bushels

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