Husqvarna Gas Powered Handheld Blower Review

Husqvarna Gas Powered Handheld BlowerHusqvarna Gas Powered Handheld Blower
Husqvarna 125B
Revolutionary handheld blower that combines high power with advanced ergonomic style. The blower tube is engineered to be in line with the deal with, decreasing rotational force on the wrist. The 125B blower is best for home owner use.

Challenging Jobs Don’t Have To Be Difficult On You
Our fallen leave blowers are all ergonomically designed to lower fatigue and stress on your body. Reduced Vib innovation offers reliable anti-vibration dampeners that absorb resonance, lessening the tension on your arms and hands. Our flexible takes care of decrease exhausting vibration and could be angled on a lot of our backpack blowers for maximum convenience. The load-reducing harness makes your Husqvarna knapsack blower comfortable and easy to make use of by lowering the stress on your back.

Portable or backpack?
Husqvarna Gas Powered Handheld Blower are commonly lighter in weight as well as offer the best maneuverability in tight spaces. They are excellent for light-duty backyard jobs like burning out flowerbeds as well as eliminating yard cuttings from walkways, driveways as well as smaller lawns. Some portable blowers are vacuum qualified, allowing you to gather particles.

– Knapsack leaf blowers offer the added power and air rate had to clear fallen leaves, sand, gravel as well as other particles from bigger land areas. While they weigh more than portable devices, ergonomic harnesses spread out the weight to minimize fatigue as well as strain on your back, arms and also hands.

Husqvarna 125B Fallen Leave Blower
Air Flow: 425 CFM
Air Rate: 170 MPH
Weight: 9.4 lbs
Decibel: 94 dB
Power Output: 1.1 HP
Max Power Speed: 8000 RPM

Inline Layout
The fan real estate is engineered to make sure that the air stream remains in line with the deal with. This minimizes tension on the wrist as well as arm.

Cruise Control
Fan rate can be established for much easier handling.

Intuitive Controls
The controls are well collected and simple to access.

Adjustable Tube Length
The blowing tube size is flexible for the best performance.

General Details Regarding Husqvarna Leaf Blowers
1) If maintaining sound to a minimum is a leading priority, try to find a blower with noise wetting technology. Husqvarna’s 356BT backpack blower is especially created to produce low noise, allowing you to work without problem in suburbs.

2) For specialist landscapers, sturdiness and also efficiency are a must. Husqvarna’s Air Shot centrifugal air cleansing system reduces wear and also expands the operating time in between filter cleanings.

3) Ergonomic style is very important for anyone dealing with a blower for a prolonged duration. Our Reduced Vib technology supplies reliable anti-vibration dampeners that absorb vibration, reducing the anxiety on your arms and also hands.

4) Protecting the atmosphere is our common interest and problem. Husqvarna’s X-TORQ engine innovation on gas blower models decrease hazardous exhaust discharges by as much as 75% and raises gas efficiency by up to 20%. Battery powered models create no discharges as well as does not need loan spent on gas. That’s good for the environment and also your budget.

5) All Husqvarna fallen leave blowers are cordless, enabling you to walk around freely. Not having to make use of an extension cord provides you a huge benefit in tough to reach places like roofs as well as rain gutters. Handheld cordless electrical blowers are much easier to run, lighter and quieter. Gas blowers typically supply you with even more power and attachment options depending on the version.

Supplying up to 170 Miles Per Hour in air power, the Husqvarna 125B Handheld Blower makes yard upkeep jobs much easier. With its specifically crafted fan and light-weight structure, the Husqvarna Gas Powered Handheld Blower is made to reduce stress while still supplying substantial wind power. It additionally features a cruise-control function that preserves a consistent follower rate, allowing you to tackle raking and also sweeping tasks effortlessly.

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  • The fan housing is engineered so that the air stream is in line with the handle; This reduces stress on the wrist and arm
  • Stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting
  • Fan speed can be set for easier handling
  • The blowing tube length is adjustable for best performance

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